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We aim to see, diagnose and treat you as soon as possible. We always treat straight away that session. 
(where appropriate)

Bakman Osteopathic Clinic is ideally suited for patients in Malton, Norton, Pickering, Helmsley, Kirbymoorside, Scarborough, York, Easingwold, Pocklington, Driffield and Bridlington.
It is only 8 minutes walk from Malton train/bus stations and 30 minutes drive from Helmsley and York.

There is plenty of free street parking on Wood Street in Norton, Malton (outside our clinic) or on St. Nicolas car park just 1 minute walk away. The clinic is on the ground floor.

Osteopathy Helps with New and Older Health Problems in Any Part of the Body.

Spinal pain and problems are generally about 60% of what we treat. Bear in mind that other joint, organs and muscular problems elsewhere in the body are often heavily influenced by the way your spine works. Osteopathy does try to fix the underlying problem by helping the spine and body work properly.


The symptoms of not working properly (pain, aches, stiffness etc.) then can improve or go away. This is a very different approach from more traditional NHS approaches.