About the Osteopath

During his postgraduate learning he extended his knowledge into Osteopathy at The London School of Osteopathy and The College of Osteopaths.

He participates and attends in regular local osteopathic meetings and national classical osteopathic lectures annually.

In 14 years of practice William Slann has further gained knowledge in digestive problem, migraines, the impact of Thyroid dysfunction on health, Parkinsonism and the treatment of child and pregnancy. 

William Slann BSc(HONS), Osteo.Med. Certificate of Osteopathic Competence, Registered Osteopath, graduated from ‘The John Wernham College Of Classical Osteopath’ in 2002.

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St John's Osteopathic Clinic
St. John's House,
1 Langton Road, 
Norton, Malton  
YO17 9AD

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