Consultation & Treatment

Our priority is helping you as fast as possible - we always try to keep a free appointments for any given day to enable you to be seen as soon as possible if that is what you need. Initial consultations take one hour and fifteen minutes.

Expect the typical consultation to take between thirty and forty-five minutes; occasionally it’s shorter if things are straightforward, and sometimes a bit longer if there’s quite a bit of examination and analysis to go through.


You will be treated on your first visit (the only exception to this is the occasional time when a patient cannot be helped by osteopathic care). Most consultations require patients to undress to there underwear to allow full assessment of movement and the spine (i.e. underwear you are happy with ... sports shorts are an excellent idea).   

Please don’t feel a need to NOT take medication before seeing us, because you might think that it will help identify your problem better if it is more ‘obvious’ and painful - that’s not how osteopathy works!

Also, don’t expect to be sore immediately afterwards or for the next few days. However, there may be times when the changes we make to the way your body is working do mean that you need to take it easy for a couple of days or so after treatment. We will always advise when this is so.