Classical Osteopathic Approach

Osteopaths are trained to treat all ages, from new-born babies, developing children, growing teenagers, adults and the elderly.
All abilities are welcome. 

The ‘body adjustment’ is a classical osteopaths principle approach diagnosis and treatment.


The ‘body adjustment’ merges scientific, biomechanical and osteopathic knowledge with artfully trained techniques. The Body adjustment is used in acute, chronic problems, be they localised or having multiple effects. This is because the body always acts as a whole in its compensatory homeostatic and repairing mechanisms.

Using small passive movements the limbs then the head, spine, pelvis are articulated to rest the nervous system and guide circulation. 


Diagnosis is on going and during the treatment, inhibitory pressure may be used onto soft tissue, mild manipulation (where necessary) to correct movement and direct pressure may be applied to the organs (i.e. pressing onto the stomach).

The aim of the body adjustment is to establish the harmonious equilibrium of the body.

As with all therapies, a caring approach and attention to the individuals needs are of particular importance. This type of treatment is gentle but very effective.